New Life Trust

"Relieving poverty, sickness and suffering of children in Australia and overseas".

Work commenced by a small group of dedicated people in South East Asia over a decade ago. The New Life Charitable Trust was established by volunteers and even today, there is no one on the payroll. 100% of all funds raised goes to the cause!

New Life Trust

Over 300 children have been rescued, and now live in a loving environment where they received their daily needs, medical care and education. Based in three different locations, they will be nurtured to become leading citizens within their respective regions.

New Life Trust

Our current sustainable growth project is to purchase rice paddy land. This will provide income, training and employment. To date, 44 acres is under crop, with a number of small crops grown in the off season.

Volunteers have also assisted in disaster relief, building medical clinics, building new housing and joining education teams. A number of Royal staff has visited our projects in South East Asia. Come and join us, and make a difference!

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